The latest Brawl Stars Android Update News!

Brawl Stars is a very good game and the fact that it has constant updates is a good thing. The latest Android update in particular is a stellar one, because it integrates some of the features that most players always wanted and needed. It’s also adding in some nice features.

The primary thing about the latest update is that it has new skins. You have the dragon knight Jessie, the Summer Jessie, caveman Frank as well as phoenix Crow. There are also some shop changes such as the shop having a free brawl each day and there’s a higher chance of getting Brawler offers, which is really nice.

You can also find some important changes to the events. The showdown maps can be played in duo showdown for example, which is a very good thing to have. They also brought the duo showdown as an always available on the second slot. The Robo Rumble mode is coming with randomly generated maps, something that enhances the replay value of the game as well!

Brawl Stars also brings in some game room changes. For example you have a way to invite people based on rank. You can close the loot bar properly now, which is a good thing to be had.

Then we can talk about the brawl box changes. The reward doublers are now a part of the boxes. You will also see a reduced chance of tickets from the regular 35% to 25%. It’s not a massive change, but it comes with its fair share of issues. And then you will notice that the gems are now a bonus reward for the brawl boxes and that on its own can be super simple in that perspective.

The new version of Brawl Stars also comes with bug fixes. But they also have additions, such as the fact that they added new UI sounds, friend system sounds, Frank voice acting, the number of active spectators can be seen now, you can see a win animation for Frank and you can also see the Duo showdown victories if you want, which is super nice and interesting.

But Brawl Stars also comes with some general balance changes. Most heroes now have an increased attack damage or movement speed, only Ricochet and Colt or Dynamike have to deal with a lower main attack range or super range.

As you can see, the new Brawl Stars version is quite impressive and it has a huge focus on quality and on adapting the game to the player requirements. It’s definitely a fun game and it only gets better and better with improvements like this. That’s the thing that makes Brawl Stars special in the first place, the fact that it’s always adaptable and adjustable to your own needs. That on its own makes Brawl Stars super impressive and unique in its own right, so just check it out if you can and enjoy the latest version on Android!

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