Brawl Stars Growth Hacking Tools

Brawl Stars Growth Hacking Tools

Brawl Stars is a new game that has been taking over the App Store. Brawl Stars is a real-time strategy game that’s available on both Android and Apple devices. This app has been recently launched by Supercell in July 2017. With so many people already getting into the game, it’s important to maximize the fun you have and increase your chances of beating your opponents. Running low on gems and want to grow? Don’t worry. We will help you out in this guide.

While it’s crazy addicting, it can also be crazy expensive if you purchase some of the “Gems” in the app. Buying gems can eat up a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars in some cases! Keep your money tucked away in your pocket and instead use some of these top tips and tricks to getting more gems without paying a cent.

Strategic Gameplay for Growth on Brawl Stars

While the game is called “Brawl Stars” it’s pretty ironic — one of the top strategies you can use when in Showdown mode is actually avoiding all brawls. Showdown mode is where fighters from all over the world gear up from battle in the arena. What happens in virtually every single battle is that players always end up fighting in clumps near the center. You need to avoid that clump as much as possible until it’s finally time to strike.

Again, avoid the firings and attacks as much as possible by keeping a low profile in the game. Don’t initiate the attacks until several other players are knocked out. Since this game is “Last Man Standing” style, it’s imperative that you stay there till the end and beat out your opponents so you can win and grow as much as possible.

Using Hack Tools To Maximize the Potential

One of the most effective ways for getting free gems is by using our hack tools. This way, your account is always charged up and ready to complete more missions or improve your brawlers. The gems ensures that you can afford brawl boxes, brawler skins, and coin boosters which are very important to your growth.

Brawl Stars Hack - Server 1

Brawl Stars Cheats - Server 2

If you have gems in your inventory, you should use them at all costs in order to stay charged up and continue to dominate your opponents. Gems are imperative in upgrading your account so you can fight with stronger brawlers and win more battles.

Change the Gameplay Setting to Joystick Mode

One of the best things you can do in order to beat out the competition and eliminate all threats from other brawlers playing the game is going to the settings option and switching to “Joystick” mode. Many players have noticed a huge improvement in their game when they simply switch to joystick mode.
The reason why joystick mode is so effective is that it aves you valuable time when fighting and defending yourself. This way, you can use the joystick on the bottom left hand corner to get around and keep your right thumb and hand open to firing from your weapons at attackers and really maneuvering strategically.

Joystick mode makes the game a lot more fun, too. You’re much better able to control where you’re going instead of randomly clicking around on the screen. The problem with tapping on the screen is that it’s not always accurate and your character will follow, which could take you into the path of attackers and eat up valuable time in the game. That’s why the best thing you can do in order to ensure the growth of your browlers on Brawl Stars is using joystick mode.

Now Be the Strongest Brawler Out There!

To reiterate, all it takes to level up and be strong on Brawl Starts is:

  1. Strategic gameplay.
  2. Using hack tools.
  3. Switching to joystick mode.

A combination of these three elements will ensure your success in the game and ensure you win battles, no matter if it’s with your clan or on your own.

These are our tips and tricks to maximize your strength on brawl Stars. What else can you add to the list? What strategies do you use? Let us know in the comments below.