Brawl Stars Guide

Brawl Stars Guide - How to Improve Your Skills

Brawl Stars is a MOBA game with a variety of game modes and it’s available on mobile phones, you can play it right now on iOS and Android. The best thing about Brawl Stars is that it offers you the ability to test and improve your strategic skills all the time. The game is offering you a wide range of game modes and each one of them is created to be fun, distinct and unique.

How to boost the way you play?

Depending on the game mode, the Brawl Stars guide will focus on different things. If you play Brawl ball, you should avoid rushing towards the kickoff, this will make your team vulnerable. For the other modes though, rushing is a very good idea because it gives you the momentum and value you may need for such an experience.

Another thing to keep in mind about the Brawl Stars guide is that you should always try to communicate with your team as much as you can. This works very well because you get to strategize with your teammates and the others will be at a disadvantage.

Choose the right characters too. Brawl Rocket Man is great for defense but it won’t be very good when you use it as an attacker. Study each one of the characters and you will see that some work great for defense, others are suitable for offense while others are suitable for both.

Try to protect the teammate in the gem capturing mode, because he is extremely valuable and he should not fall in the enemy hands. It’s a crucial aspect that a lot of players tend to miss most of the time, but if you avoid rushing into this results can be more than ok for sure.

Joystick or tapping?

This is the type of conversation that everyone tends to have. Some will be focused on tapping but others will use joystick. Tapping offers more control, so you may want to keep it in mind. The joystick may feel more accurate, but in the middle of the match you can make mistakes. With tapping, you know exactly where the character goes and what you get in the end. Which is obviously the right thing that you need to have in such a game.

What shooting approach works?

Shooting your enemies may feel easy, but as you see from this Brawl Stars guide, there are lots of challenges here too. You can do path aiming, pre firing or prediction shots. These are good in different situations. Path aiming is great if you have 2 enemies or more on the same path, prediction shots are mostly lucky shots and so on. Pre firing is good too if you want to prepare an attack.
You have to use the ideas in this Brawl Stars guide right away if you want to improve the way you play. The game is insanely fun, and there are always some new cool things for you to check out here. Just consider playing the game and having fun, it’s definitely the thing you will enjoy the most.

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