Brawl Stars Smash and Grab

Brawl Stars Smash and Grab

In case you want to play a competitive game mode in Brawl Stars, then smash and grab may be one of the best possible options. Unlike other modes in the game, the Brawl Stars smash and grab game mode is all about collecting gems and getting them back to your base.

As you play, you will note that your team of 3 will be able to work together in order to control the gems and keep them back from your opponent. The best part here is that once a brawler controls even a single game, you will get points. Of course, the enemies will try to attack you the best way they can. All you can do in the Brawl Stars smash and grab is to run from them and try to eliminate them with your team if you can.

What happens if a brawler dies?

If that happens, the gems he carries will be split on the battlefield and everyone is able to pick them up. The team that controls at least 10 gems for more than 16 seconds will become the winner. So, you do need to get back in the game if your character dies, because there’s not a lot of time to wait and the game can be increasingly challenging and demanding as you go along.

What makes the Brawl Stars smash and grab mode distinct

Maybe the best part about the Brawl Stars smash and grab is that it’s very fun. It’s unlike any other mode that you can find out there. It focuses extremely well on cooperative gameplay and it’s versatile all the time. It also features a lot of crazy changes of momentum, because once a player with lots of gems dies, the gems are basically on the market and you are ready to collect them as fast as you can. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, that’s for sure, but the experience can be more than ok in the end.

Does Brawl Stars smash and grab have many maps?

There are 6 maps for the game, like Deep Hollows, Mushroom Cave, Crystal Cavern, Hard Rock Mine and the Temple Catacombs, among others. The idea here is that you need to try and harness the possibilities of each map if you want to win. Some maps are focused on a simpler gameplay, others are a lot more challenging and you want to keep all of that in mind the best way you can.

We recommend you to play the Brawl Stars smash and grab mode if you want something fun, interesting and very enticing. The cooperative aspect is what makes this game mode shine, but there are lots of twists and turns that can happen as you play. If you are a fan of MOBA like experiences, then this is the best one on mobile for you. It’s inquisitive, exciting and it also brings in front a really good set of ideas. Just try the Brawl Stars smash and grab mode out, you will like it a lot!

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