Brawl Stars Chips

How to get chips in Brawl Stars?

Chips in this game are considered to be maybe the most confusing currency out there. Each time you receive a duplicate brawler from the box you will have a chip. The common card will offer you a chip, the rare card delivers 2 chips and the epic card 5 chips. The legendary card can deliver around 10 chips, so it is very valuable for sure.

How to get chips in Brawl Stars?

The first thing you want is to open up as many brawl boxes as you can, duplicates are automatically transform into chips. As we mentioned earlier, the system is very demanding and it doesn’t work extremely well all the time. It’s extremely challenging to find a good approach towards something like this, and the value does get better and better at one point.

Acquiring boxes will be the challenge here, because the more boxes you have, the more chips you can get for duplicates. You will have to grind and get as many boxes as you can in order to win. Getting boxes is possible via trading if you can, but at the same time you can also grind as much as possible. These boxes aren’t that hard to get, so you can get a stash pretty often. While it can take a while to get a legendary, it’s a good idea to open multiple boxes at a time.

Studies have shown that this is the best way to acquire legendaries. It can be a great idea to open up as many as you can in a batch. The chances of getting duplicates are higher this way and you can get more chips because of that. While it will not work every time, it can work most of the time and that’s exactly what you want to take into consideration.

What can you do with chips

Once you learn How to get chips in Brawl Stars, you will be able to use those to achieve the very best results you can. It’s always a very good idea to use these chips to get more brawlers, especially the legendary ones. You will find that paying money does tend to make the process a whole lot easier, so try to take that into consideration if you see the need for that.

It’s important to note that aggressive play is said to help you get more boxes and thus chips, so you may want to go down that route. Take a few friends and go ahead in a challenge like this with a more aggressive approach. It will work great for you and in the end it’s by far one of the best options to have in the game.

There aren’t too many ways to learn How to get chips in Brawl Stars, but these are some of the best. These chips are great for getting unique brawlers, so using them will be of the utmost importance. Try to take these things into consideration and don’t rush, the gameplay will be more than ok in the end!

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