Brawl Stars Strategy by Game Modes

Brawl Stars Strategy - How to Play Certain Modes

What you will love about Brawl Stars is that this is a game where different strategies can bring you some really good results. But each game mode requires different Brawl Stars strategies, so you may want to use the right ones as you see fit. However, you will be quite impressed with the way everything plays out if you play rightfully!

Smash and Grab

In this mode, the best Brawl Stars strategies would require you to use the obstacles to your advantage. Most obstacles can be used as a defense, if you can do that then the outcome will be really good. If you do plan to attack a tank brawler, then the overall experience will be astonishing. You want the results to be good, so try to take that into consideration if possible. In case your team has 10 crystals already, run and defend one another in order to win. Of course, you should always target the enemy that has the most crystals in the game too.


In this mode you want to use the special ability on the safe if possible. Blowing up the TNT crates is a very good idea. For this mode, the best Brawl Stars strategies would require using the longer range brawlers like Brock or Ricochet.


For the Showdown mode, you should break open the charge crates. Finding the weaker characters should also be a priority for you, so consider that as well. But if possible, let the other fighters battle themselves as you hide. It can help you deliver an attack surprise, so it’s definitely the type of approach that can work extremely well for you in the end.


For the Bounty mode you want to use tank brawlers. They have the best Brawl Stars strategies out there and they do excel at this mode. You can use some of the other tips as they also tend to work in this game mode as well. It’s always a very good idea to take it into consideration if you want to acquire the very best results.

General Rule - Creativity Matters

If you want to use the best Brawl Stars strategies, try to be creative. Don’t use the same old strategies all the time. Creativity will matter as you catch your enemy unprepared and that’s when you can make your move. The outcome is always amazing if you know how to tackle the experience, so try to take that into consideration the best way you can.

With Brawl Stars, you also want to focus on communicating with your team. And yes, staying together will be very well worth it. This works very well because it brings in front a resounding set of benefits and the experience will be more than ok because of that.
Overall, these Brawl Stars strategies will help you acquire the unique gameplay experience you always wanted. There’s always a way to get better at the game and these tips should offer you that opportunity. Just check them out right now and you are bound to like the results quite a bit!

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